Jeffreys Bay


Jeffreys Bay is a world renowned, delightful holiday and retirement centre and has developed to include Aston Bay, Kabeljous-on-Sea township and Paradise Beach. The bay of Jeffreys Bay stretches from Cape Recife in the east, through to Cape St Francis further west, while the town lies 80km west of Port Elizabeth; midway between the Gamtoos and Kromme Rivers and the two estuaries of the Kabeljous and Seekoei Rivers.

Also known as J-Bay, the town is famous for surfing, white sand beaches and an abundance of sea shells. The town became popular with surfers after the 1966 movie Endless Summer.

The Jeffreys Bay region is renowned for its gorgeous beaches, never ending summers, plentiful shells and is best known as “the Surf Mecca of the World”. The beautiful beaches are safe for bathing and provide endless excitement for water sports. Not far from Jeffreys Bay lies the charming town of St Francis Bay.

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