On the Ghaap Plateau 1 131m above sea level, Kuruman is the principal town on the Kalahari section of the Namakwari Route. The origin of the town’s name is uncertain but it is generally accepted as being a variation of the name of an 18th-century San leader, Kudumane. Known as the ‘Oasis of the Kalahari’, Kuruman is blessed with a permanent and abundant source of water.

More densely vegetated than most oases, its water flows from Gasegonyana, commonly called The Eye. A spring delivering 20 million liters of water daily to 71 000 inhabitants, the water flows from solution cavities in the dolomitic Ghaap Plateau and cracks in the mammoth doleritic dykes and sills that thrust their way into prominence from the earth’s core some 190 million years ago. The spring nurtures an endangered species of cichlid fish.

The town’s thriving economy owes its health to the community’s mining, stock farming and agricultural activities. Manganese, iron ore, tiger’s eye and the richest blue asbestos deposits in the world are found and mined here.

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