Three Sisters to Kimberley (N12)


The N12 route from Richmond to Kimberley is an alternative route when travelling from Cape Town to Pretoria. Its a mere distance difference of 100km on the combined route. this Route however takes you off the main and very busy N1, trough the Northern Cape. At Three Sisters you leave the N1 in a north westerly direction.  It affords an opportunity to enjoy the scenery and small rural towns of Victoria West, Britstown, Orania a detour of 30km, Hopetown to Kimberley, the capital of the Northern Cape province. Kimberley has a very rich history and was built on the diamond industry. The Diamond City, Kimberley, switched on electric streetlights in 1882 making it the first city in Africa to be illuminated in this manner.

This route travels trough yester-year with not much that has changed and a lot of land to experience. Its a worth while deviations off the normal, filled with history, culture and scenery.

STAYenRoute have identified the following cities/towns and places of  “personalized accommodation” options on this Route.

Three Sisters

Victoria West







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