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All over the world space for intact eco-systems and humans to exist in harmony are shrinking. These spaces have become islands in an ocean of human encroachment. Africa is still blessed with a variety of exceptional regions which truly makes provision for the preferences of each individual.

KANABO Safari Group (KSG), have been taking friends to these regions for the past 27 years. In 1993 we started exploring Africa, in our heartland, the Kalahari “the land of a thousand sunsets”. This took us over the border into Namibia, Johan the owners country of birth and Botswana, the jewel in the African crown.

KANABO Safari is not just a safari, it is an experience. We made a conscious decision that we want to offer experiences and not just safaris. That meant personal involvement and knowledge of our product as an experience. Kanabo Safaris therefor specializes in experiences to Namibia, Botswana and South Africa.

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As we saw more and more of these regions we knew that we had to bring friends to experience it. We traveled extensively to experience these regions and places so that we can recommend them to prospective visitors and friends. Zambia, Malawi, Rwanda and Tanzania became part of what we wanted to include in our portfolio of experiences. In these areas we have identified specialist in their specific regions that we have a working agreement with TaMaZaRa Routes, a division of KSG, offer these destinations to our clients

The Kalahari, Namib desert, Okavango Delta, South Luangwa National Park, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, Victoria Falls are well established and known names in the travel industry. They have their names up on the silver screen of travel, as icons that have truly deserved their reputations.

Our experiences take you to these icons but also to places like Mabuashehube, Mesum Crater, Mameli and Khaudum Reserves, Ipupa and Augrabies Falls, Khutse Game Reserve, Tankwa Karoo National Park to mention but a few these exceptional places existing in coherence with the big names. Lesser known but big in conservation, preservation and stature.

“Our sense of beauty was shaped by a thousand African sunsets”

We have 27± years experience of taking friends to these sunsets. We know where to stop to get the best view. We have guided in excess of 500 sunset experiences into Africa. Let us take you with, be it your first or 100th trip. This time it will be an experience

Underneath is a list of the countries and packages, that we offer these experiences to our clients/friends.




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