Mention Upington and the mind conjures up visions of a desolate, sunbaked, southern Kalahari desert town, where man’s existence is a daily struggle. But how wrong can one be. Through this harsh landscape that surrounds Upington runs a glittering green ribbon – the fertile Orange River Valley which brings life-giving water from the distant highlands of Lesotho to the town.

This is a town of beautifully landscaped gardens, many rose beds and large, graceful trees – all wrapped in a genuine atmosphere of peace and tranquility. The water that gives Upington its cool and emerald character is also essential for the intensive irrigation in the area.

The central business district hums with business activities, also those from a lively informal sector present in town. The bustling, fast growing town of Upington has the fitting motto of “Progressus” (progress). Upington’s economy relies on agriculture, tourism and the services industry. Its modern shops, excellent facilities and easy accessibility makes it the centre of this vast region.

One is constantly aware of the fact that all these activities are made possible by the Orange River with its never-ending supply of water. Irrigated fields and vineyards stretch for 300 km along the lower Orange River. Here one finds sultanas and raisins, export grapes, champion wines and cotton that stand its own on the world market.

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