The Wild Coast



The Wild Coast (South Africa’s East Coast)

As its name suggests, it is one of South Africa’s least spoilt areas stretching from just beyond East London to Port Edward. In between are a series of remote, wild, ragged cliff-lined beaches (the real thing), valleys, coastal forests, seaside villages and great expanses of undeveloped wilderness. The Wild Coast gets wilder the further you travel. At its start, places like Cintsa are beautiful, but they can get seasonally inundated. Head up as far as Coffee Bay, Bulungula and Mdumbi, and both the people and the ewildlife Begin to represent a part of Africa missing from more commercial centers; a part of Africa not experienced in quite the same way anywhere else in the country. The Wild Coast is about hours spent on beaches, ambles along white sand, meeting cows at river mouths, Xhosa huts, coffee out of tin mugs, pot-holed dirt roads, cliff hikes, river canoeing, horseback rides and surfing. Most of all, it’s about getting away from everything.

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