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A private nature reserve is an area of land that is set aside and managed for the primary purpose of conserving and protecting its natural features, including its flora, fauna, ecosystems, and geological formations. Unlike public nature reserves or national parks, which are typically owned and managed by governments or public agencies, private nature reserves are owned and managed by individuals, organizations, or corporations.

Private nature reserves can vary greatly in size, ranging from small parcels of land to large expanses covering thousands of acres. They may include diverse habitats such as forests, wetlands, grasslands, or coastal areas, and they often serve as important refuges for rare or endangered species.

The management objectives of private nature reserves may include biodiversity conservation, habitat restoration, scientific research, education, and sometimes even sustainable tourism or recreation. Access to private nature reserves is usually restricted and may require permission from the owner or manager, although some reserves may offer limited opportunities for guided tours or educational programs.

STAYenRoute, have identified the following private nature reserves in South Africa per province that we recommend to our clients.

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Western Cape