In South Africa’s Northern Cape province, Kamieskroon is a town surrounded by the granite rock formations of the Kamiesberg range and is located just south of Springbok. The hamlet, which is essentially in the center of Namaqualand and is located in the foothills of the Kamiesberge, is well-known for its profusion of springtime wild flowers. Seven kilometers north of where it is now, in the 1860s, is where it all began. It was given the name Bowesville (later Bowesdorp) in honor of the local doctor, Dr. Henry Bowe. The settlement was occupied because there wasn’t much room for growth in the little kloof. In 1924, the church council made the decision to have it rebuilt in Kamieskroon. It’s possible that Kamies got its name from the Nama word “kam,” which means “two” and refers to the mountain’s twin peaks.

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