Okahandja is situated directly 70 km North  of  Windhoek     Okahandja is known as the ‘Garden Town of Namibia’.  Many travellers find Okahandja just the place to take a break. The word, ‘Okahandja’ is derived from Otjiherero (a local tribal language) and means ‘The place where two rivers flow into each other to form one wide one.’ (Or a ‘short broad river.’)  These two rivers are the Okakango and the Okamita, which flow only the during the summer season and are dry throughout most of the year. Okahandja is rich in history and it revolves mostly around the Herero and Nama tribal people. Chiefs Tjamuaha and Kahitjene came to Okahandja in 1800 to establish themselves here.

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