Pofadder (Afrikaans for “puff adder”) is a very small town in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. In spite of its small size it is an important local centre in the region known in South Africa as Bushmanland. The surrounding districts are arid, sparsely populated, rugged and picturesque. There is little in the way of cropping and local farmers run sheep or goats for a living. As a tourist destination it is not sufficiently spectacular to rival the spring flowers of the coastal regions of Namaqualand, but it has its attractions for biologists and conservationists and those with an interest in its remarkable diversity of often-tiny xerophytes and animal life.

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STAYenRoute, have identified the following personalized places of accommodation, in Pofadder that we recommend to our clients.

Pofadder Inn

Daberas Guest Farm



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