Brandvlei was developed near the dry river bed of the Sak River in the heart of Bushmanland where “Ou Brand”, a 19th-century trekboer (nomadic pastoralist), settled. The town was cut in two by a flash-flood in 1961, recovered, and a municipality was formed in 1962.

Brandvlei lies in a space most people in South Africa would agree is the back of beyond, in the heart of what today is known as the Thirst Land, or Dorsland in Afrikaans.

Brandvlei is probably well known to anyone who heads out here to try and beat their own speed, like the British driver Malcolm Campbell who tried to set a land-speed record at Verneukpan, not far from Brandvlei. Verneukpan, for those who do not know, is a massive, dry salt pan between Swartkop and Diemansput. When the pan contains water, it’s the home of thousands of birds, but when it’s dry the flat surface is said to be about 57 kilometres long and 11 kilometres wide.

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Oom Bennas

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