Calvinia is the principle town of the Hantam Karoo and lies at the crossroads to a number of towns and villages scattered across the wide open spaces of Bushmanland and the Tankwa, Roggeveld and Hantam Karoo. Calvinia is pleasantly situated and is dominated by the high ramparts of the Hantam Mountains to the north and surrounded by hills and mountains such as the 1 657-metre high Rebunieberg and the Keiskeiberge to the south. The town lies on the banks of the erratically flowing Oorlogskloof (war ravine) River.

The town features a number of fine Victorian and Edwardian era buildings and the best way to explore the town and to meet the locals is on foot. Hantam House, originally built in 1854 has been fully restored and now serves as a bed and breakfast establishment.

Eclectic chaos hits Calvinia

One of the oddities of the town is the giant post box, which was converted from a water tower in 1995 and is probably the largest post box in the world. The post box measures 6.17-metres high and has a circumference of 9.42-metres. Fortunately one does not have to be nearly six metres tall to post a letter as there is a human-height post box built into the side of this behemoth.

The giant post box dwarfs its surroundingsTo read more about the town and district click on the following link Calvinia

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Klipwerf Guest House



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