South Africa


South Africa

South Africa ranks very favourably on most top travel destination lists. Often acknowledged as one of the most popular tourist destinations on its continent, our beautiful country on the tip of Africa also ranks well when compared to other international destinations. The question might be why South Africa makes such a desirable tourist destination.

One article, 10 Best Destination Countries in Africa, attributes this to our “national parks, … the beauty of the countryside, the magnificent exteriors, the sunny climate, the cultural diversity”, also mentioning that South Africa offers “tourism activities and infrastructures meeting the needs of each tourist niche”.

According to Travelstart, South Africa is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Africa.  “The country is amazingly beautiful and it rejuvenates and inspires every traveller. There is always something about this destination to indulge all your senses.”

Clearly there are multiple reasons why South Africa ranks as an excellent tourist destination:  the pleasant weather/ natural beauty, including an abundance of wildlife / an extensive range of activities for every type of traveller / cultural diversity and rich history / delicious and varied cuisine, wines etc. / good infrastructure / favourable exchange rate

To experience so much in one country and at prices which offer excellent value for money is an absolute bonus for many international travelers. Not surprising really that the world loves to visit us in sunny South Africa.

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