When the sun goes down and you’ve kept your eyes on the ground the whole day, it’s time to look up, beyond South Africa, beyond this planet…it’s time to give the universe a good gander. Because you see, at Sutherland in the Northern Cape, you’ll get one of the best views of the universe this world has to offer.

Sutherland is actually a world-renowned astronomical centre in South Africa. Besides the ever-so-charming and sparse Upper Karoo, here you’ll find The Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) situated on a mountain top, 14km out of town. Obviously, this is the place to stargaze, being one of the best star-viewing destinations in the southern hemisphere.

After you’ve flirted with the Milky Way, you also get to explore the town of Sutherland, which was established all the way back in 1855, when life centred on pioneer farmers and the Dutch Reformed Church.

To read more about the town and district click on the following link Sutherland.

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Jack of the Karoo




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